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Teaching Spanish: The Essential Handbook

Book cover: Teaching Spanish; The Essential Handbook by Rachel W. Kirk

Teaching Spanish: The Essential Handbook touches on challenges all Spanish instructors share. It includes strategies to improve classroom management and student engagement, what to do when you have non-beginners in a beginning class, dependable activities for Spanish classes, grammar explanations that make sense, how to approach different learning styles, and how to appreciate and inspire students. This is the reference to which instructors of Spanish at all levels will continue to refer throughout their career.

Flamenco: A Guide For Tourists, Teachers & Students

Book cover: Flamenco; A Guide for Tourists, Teachers and Students by Rachel W. Kirk

This short e-book includes a thorough yet concise introduction to the Spanish art that includes song, dance, and guitar. It informs the reader about the origins and evolution of the art in Andalucía, and about each of the three elements of flamenco. Readers learn what to expect at a flamenco show, as well as what to look and listen for in order to more fully appreciate the performers on stage and the art of flamenco itself.

My Spanish Amigo

Book cover: My Spanish Amigo by Rachel W. Kirk

My Spanish Amigo is the one resource that provides explanations and examples of the 50 most challenging concepts for students of Spanish. It was written to help students catch up if they get behind for any reason. It’s also a good way for students who love Spanish so much they want to look ahead. This is the supplement parents and students will be grateful to have, and that teachers will be happy to recommend.

Un Día en la Ciudad

Book cover: Un Día en la Ciudad by Rachel W. Kirk

This thematic unit and fun follow-up activity can be used with students of all ages. It is especially good for upper elementary through early high school students, though it does include suggestions about how to modify it for intermediate classes. The culminating activity is designed to show students that they really can use their elementary Spanish skills to get around in a “city” and have fun doing it.

Staying Fluent: Everything you need to know to maintain your language skills

Book cover: Staying Fluent: Everything you need to know to maintain your language skills by Rachel W. Kirk

This concise volume shows you how to be victorious on your quest to maintain your fluency in any language. It is written in plain English by an author who has personal experience with language acquisition and a doctoral degree in applied linguistics. In addition to showing you how to maintain fluency, this book dispels myths about language learning that are too often taken for granted. Advanced learners can use many of the strategies provided here to hone their skills. Find out the best ways to use that language — don’t lose it!

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